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AGR is a young and dynamic Trading Comapany, with great competitive advantages in the sectors of comestible oil and iberian products, typical Spanish products recognized worldwide.

Although we are still starting out, we are a strong company with many contacts and with the best professionals in the market, both nationally and internationally.

What is Trading

agrspain trading

Trading is a business on commercial intermediary traffic. Exporting companies, especially SMEs, are helped by foreign trade companies 'trading companies' to sell abroad. The enormous progress in communication systems have transformed the 'trading companies' into a value management companies. The roll fo these companies is the constant search for value  by offering services and sophisticated systems to their customers.

The World Federation of Trading House Association (WFTA) defines' trading houses' as' intermediaries specialized in long-term development of trade in goods and services provided, mostly, by third parties, using international networks and infrastructure both to stock and to supply its customers.

What we offer

agrspain valor          * Transparency
          * Specific Market Research
          * Customer Acquisition
          * Access to Funds for Internationalization
          * Promotion Abroad Systems
          * Contracts and Commercial Negotiation
          * Translation and Interpreter Service
          * Shipping and Freight Management
          * Customs House Management